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The Delicate Art of Doing Everything – A Guide (Part 2 of 2)

September 29, 2014

In Part One of this article, we explored four ‘working personalities’ and offered specific practical and technological tips to help those people succeed in achieving peak productivity.

Here are another four ‘working personalities’ for you to ponder:

The Social Connector

Constantly meeting new people – and these new relationships form the basis of your productivity


For networking and other events, go alone, and make a bet with yourself that you will meet five new people.

App Tip:

With Evernote Hello, you can create detailed profiles for each contact, scan in info from business cards, and pull relevant clues from your email program to help jog your memory when you see someone again. Sunrise is a great app for its social features – RSVP to Facebook events, and wish your friends/contacts a happy birthday from within the app.

 The Procrastinator

You wait for all the info before making a decision – you are also very intimate with deadlines!


Start the day with your most important goal – make it as ‘pie in the sky’ as you like, with some more concrete tasks underneath. You’ll procrastinate on the thing that doesn’t need to be done and concentrate on something that does.

App Tip:

Use Boxer to set reminders for your emails, and even ‘Like’ them instead of typing a full response. Manage your day with Do It Tomorrow, a to-do list app which lets you easily push tasks to the next day. Perfect for procrastinators.

 The Lone Wolf

You work solo – you load complex problems into your head and work them out from there


Your isolation is great for your productivity – but bad for your team or your clients. Start the day working alone, then emerge around the middle of the day to meet with colleagues, gain feedback on your work, and provide service to clients.

App Tip:

Yammer is great for keeping up with workflow, while Quip allows you to collaborate with others on documents.

 The Firefighter

When at work, you’re putting out one blaze after another – a never ending firefighter


Find a contemplative person and make them your best work friend. You’ll contrast each other and this will help greatly with extinguishing those fires that crop up endlessly. Also, as much as you can, relax. This will help you stay centred and deal with what is important.

App Tip:

Use Any.Do to swipe off tasks as they are completed. iDoneThis is a smart app that will email you at the end of the day asking what you accomplished, giving you a moment to stop, reflect, and plan.

I do hope you have identified in yourself, one or more of these working personalities. Knowing your work-style is the crucial first step in identifying productivity improvement opportunities, leveraging new and innovative technology as the enabler.

*Inspired by Fast Company article The Art of Doing Everything

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