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The Secret to Boosting your Online Productivity

September 2, 2014

With the explosion of business and personal technology in the last five years, the number of passwords and login details we need to remember every single day now represents such a sizeable task, it is time that people took control of their online lives and and outsourced password and login memory elsewhere.

How do you manage the mountainous list of passwords that you need to remember now?  Do you use the same one (or variations of) for every site you sign up to?  Do you have an excel spreadsheet where you write them all down?

These methods can work for you, but they leave a lot of room for error…or catastrophe!

Physical documents can be stolen.  Spreadsheets can be corrupted or lost and using the same password for everything means a hacker only has to guess one of your passwords to be handed the keys to your whole life.

Instead, I use a password manager.  Password managers have been around for years in various forms, but their popularity has surged in recent months as the Heartbleed Bug made users across the globe wary of password security, namely keeping their password data safe and updated.

Password managers keep all of your passwords secure and make it easy for you to access them, without making them visible to anyone.  Yes, even if they jump on your machine while you aren’t at your desk, or steal a device of yours.

They offer advanced security features, automatic form filling, multi-platform sync, and a whole range of other features.

For my own password management, I use Dashlane.  Dashlane has been very secure for me, I am able to record not only all of my passwords but securely record details of all my credit cards, enabling super-fast checkout and purchasing of items online.  To view my passwords or any of my credit card details, not only would you need to know the login password to my laptop, but you would also need to know the master password to my Dashlane login.

Some of the best password managers to be found include:

I recommend to all who have multiple logins to manage that you check out one of the above solutions.  They will save you hours and hours of time logging into websites and will help you protect your most valuable data.

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