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Debtor Daddy: The Daddy of Cash Collection!

July 2, 2014

Debtor Daddy is another cool add-on program that links to Xero to make collecting your debts simple and efficient.

Debtor Daddy works by connecting to Xero and extracting data from all Sales Invoices awaiting payment. You can then set the program to automatically chase your outstanding debts in the form of customisable email reminders sent to your customer at a range of different stages once the invoice due date has passed.

The email reminders look very professional, and can also be sent manually to certain customers in an ad-hoc fashion if you require.

The program is very easy to use, and once integrated properly into your internal processes, saves you hours of phone calls, emails, letter writing, and liaising with debt collection agencies.

Pricing for Debtor Daddy starts at $19/month, with a more full-featured version (currently in production) coming in at $39/month.

Get paid faster. Talk to us about the process of implementing Debtor Daddy for your business.

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