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LivePlan: Write your business plan then track it with Xero

May 2, 2014

LivePlan is a recent addition to the Xero add-on family and it is a great little app full of features that make it easy for startups and new business owners to prepare a one-page pitch and create a full business plan to the format that lenders and investors expect.

LivePlan also makes it easy to add business milestones with target dates and full financial budgets in order to track your actual performance against those initial goals.

The tracking and performance monitoring through connecting your Xero account to LivePlan. This is where the magic happens. Financial data from Xero is pushed to LivePlan where brilliant visual scoreboards are created which compare your revenue, costs and profit goals against actual, up to the minute performance.

To learn more about LivePlan and for other Xero add-on implementation services, please contact us on 8172 9191.

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